Me looking at cycle 21 photos: no

Seriously Tyra is getting worse and worse at picking contestants, she’s making the show look like a fucking joke. It literally looks like she went on the street and picked up anyone she could find. I miss those early cycle days where not only was the show actually ABOUT modeling, but they’d have some decent ass contestants. Smfh.

And what the hell is that editing and setting??


ANTM Cycle 6 - Jade’s Elimination

"I think they made a wrong choice over who they’re going to select to be Americas Next Top Model. The Judges overlooked my ability, and my confidence was definitely mistaken for arrogance.

I have what it takes, it’s just that my look is in a different realm. People don’t know how to handle it. This face will definitely be hard to forget. Jade.. will be hard.. to forget.

I just wanna leave with some words, because you know, that’s just what I do:

Leftover lady,

let alone the strongest to be subdued,

If only I had the magic key,

that would unlock the realms

to the plateau of the highest me,

even though I’ve been badly bruised,

living in a house, to become a popular muse.”

“stupid fucking tv show” we all say as we continue to dedicate a whole blog to it

I have a feeling i’m gonna regret this

My favorite part of antm is in between cycles waiting to see what kind of messes Tyra will bring on the show next season