Favorite Friendships ↳ (Eva and Ann).

"Ann and I, that’s like my sister from another mother. She’s just white and I’m black. She is perfect!"

Ok so I’m late but I just watched all the episodes so far of cycle 21 and here’s how I feel.

  • Denzel and Keith and Mirjana/Marijuana/Margina need to leave.
  • Kari is a 5 at best and everyone be thirstin over her, they must be really desperate.
  • Willthew is love, Willthew is life.
  • I can’t fucking stand seeing Adam after what I heard about what he did. Like it makes me sickened to look at him.
  • I miss Jay Manuel.
  • But the only thing giving this cycle any sort of positivity besides Willthew is Miss Jay’s return.
  • If Will doesn’t win this cycle I give up.
  • Tyra’s standards have lowered a ridiculous fucking amount when it comes to picking contestants who could be models and it’s making her look bad, honestly.
  • At this point I’m urging Tyra to either cancel this show or go back to cycles 3-8 type format.

I miss when antm was worth watching. After last cycle’s trainwreck i just. don’t. care.

I haven’t watched any of this cycle, how much of it aired? Goddammit I need to catch up


damn, tyra. you might as well just write “i fuckin hate u” on the paper and give her that.

I lost a follower for coming back…oh

Wait…..ANTM premiered?